A miraculous decade of peace in Belfast

In Politics on abril 15, 2008 at 4:04 pm

“Ten years ago on April 11, peace came to Northern Ireland.  To everyone’s surprise, it seems to have settled in.

The Chuckle Brother, Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness It has become fashionable in Ireland and Britain to smile condescendingly at the memory of Tony Blair’s famous sound bite about feeling the hand of history on his shoulder when he signed the Good Friday Agreement in Belfast, the keystone in the torturous process which finally brought peace to strife-torn Northern Ireland.

But as we mark the tenth anniversary of that famous epiphany and look at what has happened since it seems somewhat churlish to snigger cynically at a little bit of self-indulgent enthusiasm about an achievement which more and more looks like a near-miracle. The nightmare which the people living in this archipelago on the north-western shore of mainland Europe lived through for 30-odd years is now truly over. Furthermore, when we look in more detail at what happened throughout those years and at how it was all brought to an end we cannot be blamed for thinking that not only was the hand of history involved but the hand of God must have played a part as well. Perhaps that was what Mr. Blair really meant – but since, in press secretary Alastair Campbell’s famous phrase, “Tony doesn’t do God” (in public), he couldn’t put it that way? ”

(Source: http://www.mercatornet.com. Michael Kirke)

(By: Adrianey Arana)

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