Cómo no ser padres helicóptero

In Education on septiembre 13, 2008 at 7:11 pm
By Adrianey Arana       Source www.washingtonpost.com

    Esto dice Helen Jhonson, famosa autora de un libro educativo en la sección de Educación del Washington Post de hace unos días: “Actually, the extent of the phenomena called “helicopter parenting” is not exaggerated in my opinion, having worked with college parents for many years. There is solid evidence that this style of ‘hyperparenting’ has, in fact, created far more fragile kids, even though the parents may be very well intentioned. Harvard psychologist, Jerome Kagan, among others, has show unequivocally that what creates anxious children is parents hovering over them and not allowing them to experience any difficulty and thereby learn that they are capable actors in their own lives. When a parent continually ‘fixes’ things for a child, the child learns an important and damaging lesson and that is that he or she is not capable of managing their own life. Helicopter parents, again often with the best of intentions, are actually making it impossible for these children to accomplish the developmental tasks necessary for fully independent adulthood. This type of parenting, unfortunately, has more to do with the parents’ need to be needed than the child’s need for this level of rescuing”


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